Construction Progress Details

Brownsboro Sidewalk and Road Diet Update

Follow - Up Details
On Monday, Aug. 27, the relocated bus stop from Mt. Holly Avenue was installed about 50 feet west of the last pedestrian crossing at Clifton Avenue.  Four blind pedestrians and one motorized wheelchair user evaluated its location and several issues related to the crossing itself.  The results of this evaluation were sent to the key Metro and TARC decision makers for action - some after Labor Day.

On Friday, August 31, TSI Paving along with DPW inspectors added the crosswalks at Clifton Avenue and other locations.

Final week: August 13-17

In this final week, with all the concrete sidewalks in place, the asphalt is being rolled from Ewing Ave. to Lindsay Ave., as lower Brownsboro was completed several weeks earlier.
Some pedestrians have already taken advantage of the new sidewalk to walk to nearby businesses and restaurants.  All of us on the Neighborhood Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Committee are urging readers and neighbors to support these merchants and thank them for their patience during this construction. We also want to thank:  Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, 9th District Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Metro Public Works, TARC, The Louisville Water Co., Metropolitan Sewer District and TSI Paving for their work on this significant project. A bus stop is yet to be added along this new sidewalk.

August 6-10  Sidewalks are being poured

Sidewalks are being poured and dirt and grass seed placed in these holes, then covered with mats made of cocoanut husk. Project Manager Mojgan Taghhizadeh surveys the new concrete walks.  MPW works inspectors Paul Brannon and Dan Willen along with DPW interns joined her for this inspection.

Monday, July 30

Concrete forms for new sidewalks are in in place along about half of the limestone cliff. We expect these forms to be installed along the entire sidewalk length all the way to Ewing Avenue this week.

Monday, July 23

Vertical metal bars are gone and concrete curbs have been put in place for sidewalks.

July 19-20

After the paving of lower Brownsboro, from near Lindsay Avenue to Drescher Bridge Avenue earlier in the week, crews painted the permanent lane markings and added the two-way turn arrows along the center turn lane, on Friday.

When the painting crews finished the arrows, cones were removed along this stretch of road. Traffic immediately picked up speed, but east bound vehicles still had to brake to the 25 mph when they came abreast of Lindsay Avenue.

Other Crews Worked Along Cliff area
They have installed vertical metal rods along the cliff sidewalk area and at the Mt. Holly Avenue sidewalk on the east side. The cables between these metal rods are to guide the curb installation equipment. 

July 1 to July 10

Two crews working on different tasks. Utilities crew has excavated a deeper trench along the cliff to allow for installation of multiple catch basins and associated pipes. Earlier, another crew had worked on a gas line. 

From Mt. Holly Avenue to Ewing Avenue, a crew has dumped gravel in the new sidewalk trenches, but no activity as yet to build retention walls or shore up sloping land. New in/out driveways for all food locations are clearly evident and should make it easier for customers when done.

Friday, June 29

Crews spent this week jack-hammering the concrete that lies beneath the roadbed along the narrow width that will become the sidewalks. As the concrete was broken up, front loaders scooped up the concrete and other waste for trucks to haul away.  By Friday morning, with the holes clearly excavated and the cone placement, it was evident how the sidewalks would continue across wide open driveways to the Chicago Gyros, the Mexican restaurant, dry cleaners, and Salon Mira, at Mt. Holly Avenue. Observe these photos taken Friday morning, June 29, in 100-degree heat.

Sidewalk is ready to install heading towards Ewing Ave.

This driveway  (right)  leads to Chicago Gyros and
sidewalk excavation leads to Mt. Holly Avenue.

Thursday, June 21

Short asphalt ramps to help wheelchairs safely lower to the milled surface from sidewalks were put in place late on June 20 and have helped, handicapped pedestrians report.  This morning Bob Ray's arbor trucks helped cut and chip marked trees and hanging vestiges of fallen logs along the limestone wall. 

Tuesday morning, June 19

Permanent left turn markers are painted on westbound Brownsboro Road from Pat's Steakhouse leading to Ewing Avenue. All road surfaces beyond are milled. From Ewing Avenue to Mt. Holly Avenue, a center turn lane is painted on the milled surface. Same for area just past the limestone cliff to Drescher Bridge Ave. Only two travel lanes along cliff area.

Monday evening, June 18

Milling began at 6:00 pm and proceeded steadily until all of Brownsboro surface had its asphalt removed.

Friday, June 15

Metro Public Works director, Ted Pullen, sent an e-mail notice that the right lane of Brownsboro Road heading westbound lane between Ewing Avenue and Drescher Bridge Road, will be closed starting at 6 p.m. on June 18, 2012 - August 16, 2012. 

The alert continues: Full lane closure will convert the four lane road to a two lane road, of which one will be eastbound and the other westbound. Between Mt. Holly Road and Lindsay Avenue, along the limestone cliff, there will only be the two travel lanes during this construction. From Ewing Avenue to Mt. Holly Road, and from Lindsay Avenue to Drescher Bridge Avenue, "the temporary striping will be placed in its permanent arrangement to include a center turn lane," said Shawn Riggs, Construction Supervisor, on June 18.  Milling and striping work will begin Monday evening, June 18, 2012 at 6 p.m.  All lanes and work areas will be separated by KYTC-approved channelizing devices.

The speed limit in the construction zone will be lowered from 35 mph to 25 mph while work is underway. 

"The existing sidewalk on the south side will be minimally impacted," Riggs said

Public Works has stressed sidewalk access near Mt. Holly and the importance of safe accommodations for the visually impaired during construction to the contractor. 

Six signs, two lighted ones and four bright orange, announce that road surface milling and lane changes will begin on Monday, June 18. 

The three-neighborhood Pedestrian and Bicycling Access Committee will keep you updated on these changes as we receive notices.