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Mayor Greg Fischer

Dear Mayor:
     I am writing to you in support of the “road diet” for Lower Brownsboro Road.  As past president of the Frankfort Avenue Business Association (x2) and someone who has lived in and been involved in the re-invigoration of Clifton, Crescent Hill and Frankfort Ave since 1991, I have seen profound changes in these neighborhoods.  When I arrived on Frankfort Ave in 1991, it was not as it is today.  Tumbleweeds of trash blew down the road, lots of buildings were in bad condition and there was hardly any foot traffic, it was an artery for east end folks to zoom downtown.  Now Frankfort Ave is a shining example of neighbors, businesses and the city coming together to develop a wonderful place to live and shop.
     When my children were small, we loved to walk them in strollers and ride bikes around our neighborhood.  We live on the “north end” of Frankfort Ave and sometimes would try to walk or ride bikes to the Kroger on Lower Brownsboro.  Some areas have no sidewalks and some are so narrow I had to push the stroller and bikes into the busy street to get around utility poles etc.   It was very dangerous. After attempting this several times I gave up and unless I had to I would avoid lower Brownsboro. 
   I would like to point out to the businesses along Brownsboro that will be affected by the “road diet” this may be a BOON to your business.  This may make it EASIER to get to your business and encourage foot traffic (new customers) that you do not have.  The traffic studies show that perhaps 6-10 seconds will be added to the commute of those using Brownsboro to get to and from the east end of town.  Perhaps those 6 seconds will allow the driver (and passengers) of a vehicle to see your business and say “Hey, that looks like a good place to eat, or maybe I should check out that shop”.  Look to Frankfort Avenue and the success it has, it is a two lane road with parking on the sides and sidewalks all the way from downtown to St. Matthews.  Sidewalks promote safety.  Crosswalks mean that your customers can cross the street to your business if they are parked on the other side of the street. It means on a beautiful day neighbors can walk to your business.  This is a good thing; this is what makes a city truly loveable and livable and I encourage you to support the “road diet” for lower Brownsboro.

Michaelle Warner
Michaelle Warner
Walton Jones Realtors