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February 25, 2011

Mr. Matt Bullock, Chief District Engineer
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Highway District 5
8310 Westport Road
Louisville, Kentucky  40242
RE: KIPDA ID #1827, Brownsboro Road Sidewalk

Dear Mr. Bullock,

We are writing on behalf of the Clifton Community Council (CCC) and its Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Committee (PBAC) about our deep concern regarding delays in the approvals necessary to release funding for the Brownsboro Road sidewalk to be built on the north side of Brownsboro Road between Ewing and Dresher Bridge Avenues.  We ask that you do what you can to expedite this process.  The CCC and the Clifton Heights Community Council have been working toward this project for 15 years, the Greater Louisville Council for the Blind for 30.  This spring is the fourth spring we have been promised construction.

This sidewalk project is crucial to the safety of all pedestrians in Clifton to the south of Brownsboro Road and Clifton Heights to the north, both densely populated neighborhoods.  Even though there is a light at Clifton Avenue, pedestrians cannot cross Brownsboro because there is no sidewalk on the north side; in fact a huge cliff comes to the curb there.  Pedestrians in both neighborhoods must walk several blocks, east to Ewing or west to Haldeman, to cross at a light.  Pedestrians traveling east or west on the north side of Brownsboro must climb the hill over the cliff on neighborhood streets to traverse the block between Mt. Holly and Lindsey Avenues.

We learned early on that no matter how it is done, creating a sidewalk in this location would be very complex and expensive.  The first several years of our effort working with Metro government involved considering and rejecting in turn two options: first, somehow removing enough of the cliff to build a sidewalk, then second, moving the road south to accommodate a sidewalk to the north.  Finally, three and a half years ago, Public Works came up with the road diet plan for the area, an elegant solution that addresses both building a sidewalk and ongoing traffic safety issues in this congested area.

We are anxious for this project to finally be completed so our pedestrians can travel to nearby businesses and residences safely and reduce the use of cars for short trips.  We urgently request your assistance in getting this project on track for completion this summer.  Please address any written response to Cassandra Culin at the address below.


Cassandra Culin, Chair                                       Lisa Work
Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Committee            Co-Chair Clifton Community Council           Clifton Community Council
185 N. Bellaire Ave.                                             502-413-5307
Louisville, KY  40206                                           lisa.work@insightbb.com
502-895-5727; fax 502-896-9760; cell 502-594-4405

Cc by email:                    
Dirk Gowin, Metro Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator
Metro Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh       
Anne McMahon, Clifton Heights Community Council Board
Mark Adams, TARC               
Carla Ruschival, President, Greater Louisville Council for the Blind