Letter to then Mayor Jerry Abramson

April 30, 2004

Mayor Jerry Abramson
527 West Jefferson Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202-2814

Re: Brownsboro Cliff Sidewalk

Dear Mayor Abramson:

We urge you to support the installation of the Brownsboro Cliff Sidewalk on the north side of Brownsboro Road along the bottom of the cliff across from Kroger at the Clifton traffic light. At this time, pedestrians cannot use this traffic light to cross Brownsboro because there is no sidewalk on the other side. Because this sidewalk would be located in the Clifton Heights neighborhood, we have joined with the Clifton Heights Community Council to work with Metro Council Member Tina Ward-Pugh, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator Mohammad Nouri, and more recently Mojgan Taghizadeh of Public Works, to accomplish this goal.

The Clifton Community Council has been on record since 1999 in support of this sidewalk. The October 21, 2002 Clifton Neighborhood Plan lists Brownsboro Road as a high priority busy street for installation of sidewalks. In 2002, our Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Committee identified Brownsboro as the most dangerous and inconvenient place for pedestrians in our neighborhood. Its fast-moving traffic is a serious barrier between Clifton residents and the businesses and people located across the street. Our funding priorities continue to feature the installation of this sidewalk.

Clifton’s many pedestrians include members of one of the largest communities of visually
impaired persons in the country. Many pedestrians use the Chicken Steps to get down to
Brownsboro Road from the end of Vernon. Although the Clifton light is near-by for the
convenience and safety of drivers, pedestrians are forced to take long walks, either west to
Haldeman or east to Ewing, just to cross at a light. Some time ago, one of our visually impaired elderly residents found herself in a terrifying and dangerous situation: she had mistakenly crossed Brownsboro at the Clifton light thinking there was a sidewalk on the other side, but found herself in the street between a cliff and fast-moving traffic.
We appreciate your concern for our neighborhoods and thank you for your support. We know that creating this sidewalk will be an engineering and financial challenge, but it is an urgent matter for Clifton residents.


Mike O’Leary, Co-Chair
Clifton Community Council

Patria Fielding, Co-chair
Clifton Community Council

Cassandra A. Culin, Chair
Clifton Community Council Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Committee
185 N. Bellaire Ave., Louisville, KY 40206
phone: 502-895-5727; email: kyspring@bellsouth.net

cc by email attachment:
Metro Council Member Tina Ward-Pugh
Mojgan Taghizadeh, Metro Public Works
Mohammad Nouri, Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator
Anne Calvert, Clifton Heights Community Council Board