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February 16, 2012
Mayor Fischer:
I am a resident of Clifton Heights and am a supporter of the lower Brownsboro Rd diet plan. I'm not sure what the real agenda of the Save42.org group is, but they are using misleading information to stir up opposition to the plan that Councilwoman Ward-Pugh has been working on for several years. I spoke to Ryan Hardesty at Save42.org and he said that by saying the road will be reduced to two "driving" lanes they are being clear and not misleading, he said they put a lot of thought into how to word their opposition so it would not be misleading. When I asked him why they didn't put a diagram of what the road will look like on their website to avoid any confusion he said it's Councilwoman Ward-Pugh's responsibility to tell people about the plan, not Save42.org's. They are not presenting any coherent arguments against this plan. Please don't delay this project - it's a well thought out plan and will only benefit the community.
Thank you.
Andy Wolak
Carole Wolak 502.905.7516
Andy Wolak 502.905.7517