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Patria Fielding - Virginia Forest

To Whom It May Concern:

We are writing in favor of the long-awaited road diet on Brownsboro Road.  As residents of the Clifton Neighborhood since 1983 and as very active members of the Clifton Community Council, its board and committees, we are well aware of the need for the diet.  The diet has been discussed publicly for a long time, and neighborhoods have worked for years on the prospect of making Brownsboro safer for all.  It turns out the diet idea is perhaps the most cost effective.

The road diet will simply mirror what is now happening on the road - the inside lane(s) serving as turn lane(s).  Hopefully it will have the added benefit of slowing traffic and avoiding the fast zig-zag maneuvers made by drivers.  It is our belief that slowing traffic the projected small amount will actually benefit businesses.  They will become more visible or noticeable.

That portion of Brownsboro is currently functioning rather like a freeway.  That is not safe for anyone but especially not for pedestrians and drivers visiting the many businesses in that section.  There are sections without adequate sidewalks, sections with daunting curves, and many drivers seem to be very focused on only one thing - getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

We have no doubt that many pedestrians and customers who actually try to use this business and neighborhood corridor have moments of dread as they do so.

We ask that the project go forward as soon as possible.

Patria Fielding
Virginia Forest
129 N. Bellaire Ave.
Louisville, KY  40206