Sign our Brownsboro Road Reconfiguration Petition

The Brownsboro Road Reconfiguration and sidewalk project will add sidewalks along the north side of Brownsboro Road from Ewing Ave. to Lindsay Ave. by reducing a lane of traffic.  Crosswalks at signalized intersections (N. Ewing Ave., N. Clifton Ave. & Haldeman Ave.) are to be marked with high visibility markings to improve pedestrian safety.  An evaluation of the existing sidewalk on the south side and curb ramps will be made to determine adequacy in meeting ADA requirements, and deficiencies will be corrected.

If you support this project please sign onto the electronic petition here.  Make your voice count and sign on today!  

* NOTE - the petition is located on a free website, which means you might be asked to contribute to the website -- but it is not necessary to electronically sign the petition.