Project Details

Project Details from Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh’s Website

Brownsboro Rd between N. Ewing and Drescher Bridge Avenue will take the north/east lane of the 4-lane road and install an 8' wide curbed sidewalk and green space. That will leave 3 lanes: the lane along the Kroger side will continue to be a "Through Lane" headed toward St. Matthews; the next lane will become a dedicated "Turn Lane" for both directions; and the next lane will continue to be a "Through Lane" headed downtown. This accomplishes much while simply ordering the traffic as it functions today.
What I mean by that is: there are 4 "through lanes" along this stretch today, two in both directions; the two "through lanes" in the center (one in both directions) basically function as "Turn Lanes" today because anyone who wants to turn into Kroger, CVS, Thornton's, Rally's, the apartments on the hill, Mt. Holly and/or Pizza Hut causes any vehicles behind them to stack up while they wait for oncoming traffic to clear so they can turn, thus creating virtual "Turn Lanes" out of these 2 center "through lanes." As is the case today, all vehicles traveling on the outside of both these center lanes will continue to travel through the area. They actually will proceed in one lane in both directions with fewer delays happening because those darting in and out of these lanes are now in their own "Turning Lane."

After much analysis of the volume of daily traffic and current traffic patterns, what we are proposing actually makes traffic more orderly, efficient and safer. Safer because it will actually move those turning vehicles into their own lane and thus will eliminate all those vehicles that today dart in and out of flowing traffic after finding themselves stuck behind someone turning. And, it keeps the traffic moving in both directions more efficiently because it has removed those turning and darting out of the "Through Lanes."

Even if there are some delays with our project, they will only be 1-3 minutes, based on traffic surveys and analysis. I'd suggest that's a small price to pay for the many benefits this project brings. It creates a safer roadway for drivers, bicyclists and with a new sidewalk, pedestrians as well. For the first time ever, the visually impaired and thousands of neighborhood folks will have a safe way to go from either side of Brownsboro Rd. to the other to get home, get to work, catch the bus, get their groceries, get their medicines, shop locally or simply to get more exercise. In addition, the project is affordable with the bulk of the $400,000 funding for the project being Federal funds, though there are local matching funds as well. I believe this is a project that benefits all of us and is affordable.

Though we have looked at multiple options over the past 12 years to get a sidewalk on that north/east side, the only other option that was even considered a real possibility included blasting the cliff wall, which included likely compensating those in the apartments on the cliff for damages caused by the blasting and that project's projected costs were $1.4 million back in 2005. Even back then, $1.4 million and the likely damage to residences didn't seem like the best use of dwindling public dollars. And as it turns out, it actually wouldn't have produced the added safety benefits to motorists and bicyclists as the current proposal does.